Choosing The Right Lawyer or Law Firm For You

There aren’t many good reasons for hiring a law firm. You’re either trying to avoid a future problem or take care of an existing one. It doesn’t matter which scenario you’re dealing with. You’ll need a trustworthy and reputable lawyer that can solve either type of problem.

You want to know that your chosen lawyer is experienced in the type of law you need. You also want to know that you’ll be a top priority to your attorney and his law firm. Thus, how do you find the right one? This shouldn’t be a hard process.

Do you know anyone who’s used the services of a law firm in the past? Do you think that lawyer could handle your case as well? If not, possibly he could recommend someone for your situation? Ultimately, use the following tips to find a suitable lawyer.

Start Searching for the Right Lawyer

If you’ve never hired an attorney before, try to get a referral from another professional. If your problem isn’t hard to talk about to others, ask your family and friends for possible recommendations. Maybe they’ve hired someone that did a good job.

Begin your own search if no one can provide good suggestions. Check the local bar association for accredited and experienced lawyers. Also, perform online searches for a good lawyer.

Look at various advertisements for law firms. Read billboards and listen to the radio or watch television. Many lawyers like to advertise their services. You make like what you see, read or hear about a local law firm. However, be advised, this doesn’t mean he’s reputable. It just means he has a lot of money to spend on marketing his services.

Create a shortlist and try to find at least three good lawyers. Check each lawyer’s history and website for interesting clues about past cases. This can tell you a lot about whether or not anyone on this list is a good fit for what you need.

Read biographies. What colleges and law schools did each lawyer attend? Once again, understand that you don’t have to attend Harvard to be a good lawyer. A lawyer needs numerous attributes to be successful. He must have good judgment and the ability to analyze information. You also want him to know when to change from offence to defence. In addition, he must be a good communicator. These are all things that can’t be learned in a classroom environment. He must have the “IT” factor.

Also, consider a lawyer’s experience. Although this is a good thing, it could be his downfall as well. He may be so good that he is always booked solid, and you can’t get to him. Or, he may charge so much an hour that you can’t afford him. Consider a good lawyer that isn’t as experienced. He’ll have the expertise and time to make you a priority. Plus, he’ll work harder to prove his worth.

Interview Your Chosen Lawyers

Narrow down your list of the best law firm by interviewing them personally. Schedule a consultation with each of them. However, understand that not all consultations are free. But the good thing is that a cooperative attorney might schedule an appointment at your location if you are disabled or in the hospital.

When you attend your consultation, get a feel for the attorney’s office. What do you think? Is it a clean and organized environment? Does his staff seem knowledgeable, courteous and professional? The answers to these questions can tell you a lot about a lawyer and how his firm operates. You want a lawyer that is organized and gets things done in a timely manner.

Unfortunately, you must look at his office furnishings and trappings as well. Because an extravagant lobby means that someone is paying for this luxury, and you don’t want that someone to be you. Your fees should go towards your case.

What is your impression of the attorney? Does he appear personal? Did he look you straight in the eye and give you a firm handshake? Did he give you ample time to explain your situation? Did he listen and ask plenty of thorough questions?

Did he appear to be a self-confident individual who would get the job done? Did he give you the proper respect you deserve? Do you feel that he will go far and beyond to solve your problem? Or, did he appear to be rushing to his next appointment?

Does this lawyer or law firm practice the exact type of law that you need? Are there things about your particular situation that may affect the outcome of your case? What about his past clients? What happened with their cases? Did they get good results? If not, what happened?

Why should you use this lawyer and not other lawyers in your area? Ask this lawyer what makes him the best choice for you? What can he do differently from other lawyers?

Choose the Most Suitable Lawyer for Your Situation

Now that you’ve interviewed everyone on your shortlist of lawyers, it’s time to pick one. Ensure that you feel comfortable working with him or her. This may be a long process that requires your spending numerous hours with your lawyer. Would this be problematic?

At this point, you should be confident about your chosen lawyer’s expertise and experience. Are you confident that this lawyer can solve your legal problems? Make sure that this person is reputable, professional and a good communicator. Also, ensure that he will listen to you and find out the particulars about your current situation.

Most importantly, he must be capable of paying respect to your needs and making you a top priority. Unfortunately, lawyers are not cheap, even the mediocre ones. You should not be forced to pay a lot of money to be put on the back burner. Do not settle for someone that you really are not comfortable around or confident about. This person is your representation and should completely focus on your legal matters.

All in all, you’re either facing current or future problems. You need a lawyer that is your champion in court. Make sure that he is skilled, knowledgeable and willing to make you a top priority. If you don’t feel comfortable with any part of this process, then it’s time to start over again at step one. Do not settle for just anyone when it comes to your legal battles. There are plenty of lawyers in the world. Find the right one for you.